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K2 High Temperature Silicone 350 °C Red Tube 85g

K2 High Temperature Silicone 350 °C Red Tube 85g

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This is high quality silicone from K2 Bond. Perfectly adapts to the sealed surfaces. High temperature resistant up to 350°C. Meets the requirements of car manufacturers (O.E.M. - Original Equipment Manufacturer). Available in colours red, black and grey. Replaces traditional gaskets: cork, paper, felt, asbestos and rubber. Thanks to the SENSOR SAFE formula, it is safe for lambda sensors used in modern cars with electronic fuel injection.

Resistant to oils, greases, coolants etc. It can be used for all car models and makes, among others for sealing: valve covers, thermostat gaskets, oil pans, camshaft covers, water pumps, rear axle covers and many other elements where tightness and high temperature resistance are required.

  • Size: 85 g
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