Metal Epoxy Putty

  • EVO-STIK Hard & Fast Metal Epoxy Putty, Easily worked, steel reinforced metal epoxy putty that hardens like metal in just 10 minutes
  • Waterproof – Sets hard like metal even underwater
  • Suitable materials: Forms a strong bond with metal, glass, most plastics, wood, and dry concrete
  • Contents: 1x EVO-STIK Hard & Fast Metal Epoxy Putty, Sets Steel Hard in 10 Minutes, Colour: Grey, 50g stick


Impact Adhesive 500ml

  • High strength, multipurpose adhesive that bonds instantly on contact
  • Powerful enough to bond most materials, including non-porous surfaces e.g. metal to metal
  • The ideal adhesive for DIY tasks and emergency repairs
  • Suitable materials: Wood, MDF, laminate, metal, PVC, cork, leather, rubber, glass, mirror, stone, and ceramics
  • Contents: 1x EVO-STIK Impact Adhesive, 500ml Tin


Adhesive cleaner 250ml

  • EVO-STIK Adhesive Cleaner will remove wet or dry solvented adhesives quickly and effectively
  • Ideal for cleaning substrates prior to bonding, in particular rubber, metals and other impervious surfaces
  • Also removes grease, wax and similar stains
  • Suitable materials: Rubber, metals and many other impervious surfaces
  • Contents: 1x EVO-STIK Adhesive Cleaner, 250ml